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Companies from the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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4Pay Networks GmbH

4Pay Networks GmbH is an enterprise messaging solution provider and technical payment enabler offering two-way communication services and mobile payments exclusively from Germany. Originated from a leading, since 18 years established mobile aggregator, 4Pay Networks has a carrier-grade platform that enables its global merchants to use more than 120 network operators worldwide. The messaging gateway from 4Pay Networks enables their clients to deliver secure digital communication to their customers and employees. With 4Pay networks programmable API’s it is frictionless for any client to quickly deploy any SMS service. 4Pay Networks enables information infrastructure provision of your IT systems.

4Pay Networks GmbH

Stresemannstr. 12
40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

Sebastian König

Director Sales & BD Tel.: +49 211 43634440

Andreas Pritzlaff

CEO Tel.: +49 211 43634440

achelos GmbH

security.connected by achelos IoT

achelos IoT is addressing the global communities of IoT and mobile connectivity. We provide the expertise and the technology that enables our customers to build innovative solutions related to the management of mobile connectivity for the rapidly developing market. We offer solutions and services for the management of electronic identities on mobile devices (e.g. eSIM management) and for safeguarding the compliance with industrial standards and robustness of communication channels implementation (e.g. GSMA IoT Security Assessment). The achelos IoT services cover the entire project lifecycle from design, development and security testing to deployment and operation.

achelos IoT is part of achelos GmbH, an independent software development company experienced in embedded security, based in Paderborn (Germany).

achelos GmbH

Vattmannstr. 1
33100 Paderborn, Germany

Oleg Kraynyukov

Director IoT Solutions Tel.: +49 160 7067269

Thomas Freitag

Managing Director Tel.: +49 175 2929013

Hakan Nilsson

Business Developer IoT Tel.: +49 170 8725378

Igor Potapov

Managing Director Russia Tel.: +7 985 2220484

Katrin Hering

Sales & Marketing Support Tel.: +49 151 16015147

Alexander Smotrov

Solution Manager Tel.: +49 1575 8516001

AnyWork Communications GmbH

AnyWork Communications is an IT and Telecom services company headquartered in Germany with operations extending up to the Middle East and Turkey. Through a strong 10-year market presence, we have grown to over 500 employees globally.

Our services include:

1-Information Technology; Solution for businesses, ERP and WFMS, Training and Consultation, Headhunting for skilled Software engineers.

2-Telecommunication; Mobile Network Benchmarking, Radio Network Design, Planning and Optimization, Fixed Network design, installation and maintenance, Network Monitoring (NMS), Managed Network Services (MNS), NOC and Network Surveillance, Training and Consultation.

Our business model is to establish long term strategic partnerships with our clients providing solution-oriented services.

AnyWork Communications GmbH

Fritz-Vomfelde-Str. 34
40547 Düsseldorf, Germany e.V. e. V. – We can do what we do.

Being one of the centres of the German automotive industry North Rhine-Westphalia is experiencing a far-reaching structural change. Technological developments such as automated driving and electric mobility meet climate change and new societal demands for mobility and transport. Today, automotive industry means much more than a mere car. There are plenty of opportunities to master structural change and to be much stronger than today.

To harness these opportunities leading companies from the automotive and mobility industry joined forces in the cluster initiative that covers the entire value chain of new mobility. actively shapes structural change through business development and research and development initiatives. This will support the competitiveness of the automotive and mobility industry. The aim is to ensure sustainable growth and employment in changing, but exiting times full of opportunities. e.V.

Kölner Str. 8
42651 Solingen, Germany

Thomas Lämmer-Gamp

Head of Unit Tel.: +49 151 55218285

Stephan A. Vogelskamp

Managing Director Tel.: +49 212 88160687


Digital Security. For Humans & Machines.

We are a cyber security company from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, which develops technologies and products as well as offers services to promote, increase and maintain the level of cybersecurity. Through practical work and the regular publication of scientific articles we are able to explain complex fraud and attack methods to protect companies, authorities and individuals.


Munscheidstr. 14
45886 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Matteo Große-Kampmann

Managing Director Tel.: +49 209 8830 676-2

Chris Wojzechowski

Managing Director Tel.: +49 209 8830 676-1

Jonas Poenicke

Head of Education Tel.: +49 209 8830 676-4

Dana Knüfken

Backoffice Management Tel.: +49 209 8830 676-0


Our Mission

LIQUIDNANO™ was set up to capitalise on recent advances in Nano technology and specifically Liquid Glass. The main constituent of Liquid Glass is Silica Dioxide (Si02) which is comprised primarily of tiny particles of glass which come from pure quartz sand.

The LIQUIDNANO™ coating technology enables a user to deposit a Nano scale layer of molecular, particle free glass, onto any glass surface. Mobile device screens don’t break as easily because they are much more resistant to shatter & scratch.

Product/service portfolio/ concept

LIQUIDNANO™ is revolutionising smartphone and tablet screen and automotive windshield protection using a layer of a microscopic (invisible to sight and touch) liquid glass to strengthen touch-screen glass.

This LIQUIDNANO™ liquid glass layer is comprised of nano-sized Silica Dioxide (SiO2) suspended in alcohol and applied by wiping on to the device glass screen. Once the alcohol evaporates, this leaves a nano-scale layer of glass bonded to the device screen.

LIQUIDNANO™ products are guaranteed to work and come with a unique internationally backed Product Performance Guarantee underwritten by an A-Rated Global insurer.

Should a device screen become damaged after application of the coating then LIQUIDNANO™ will pay a contribution of up to $300 / €250 / £250 towards the cost of a replacement screen.


Diepenbroich 8
51491 Overath, Germany

Ayesha Wood

Brand Ambassador Tel.: +34 669 177 933


CETECOM is as a globally active independent test and certification service provider, a leader in the field of market approvals in the telecommunications and information technology sector. With locations in Europe, America and Asia, we have an international presence and are fully committed to supporting you and your project from planning and development to marketability.


Im Teelbruch 116
45219 Essen, Germany

Dr. Peter Nevermann

Corporate Director, Consulting & Business Development Tel.: +49 2054 9519 605

Rachid Acharkaoui

Head of Business Development Tel.: +49 2054 9519 250

Charamel GmbH

Charamel GmbH develops comprehensive AI driven 3D real-time animation software for next generation of interactive human-machine communication. The company is focused on development of 3D Digital Assistants, Digital Human and Avatars to support emotional face to face communication in digital processes. Charamel is project partner in different research projects of Federal Ministries in Germany and EC to workout intuitve and flexible technology running on all platforms and adaptable to different user cases as Human-Machine-Interface. Among the customers of Charamel belong considerable companies from industry, service and trade such as AUDI, Bayer, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, ECE, Ford, Samsung, Telekom, Vodafone and even more.

Charamel GmbH

Richard-Wagner-Str. 39
50674 Köln, Germany

Alexander Stricker

Managing Director Tel.: +49 221 336640

Competence Center 5G.NRW

The Competence Center 5G.NRW aims to develop North Rhine-Westphalia into the lead market for 5G. Market trends, possible applications of 5G and their transferability potential for NRW are analysed and bundled within the framework of a broad 5G transfer offensive and prepared in such a way that the knowledge is available to all important players as quickly as possible. The development and operation of a flexible 5G experimental platform enables companies to implement innovative 5G demonstrators "on site". In a 5G model factory, platform concepts for 5G basic technologies can be developed and tested in practice. In addition, methods and procedures for the development and operation of telecommunication-supported applications are being researched. In the 5G Innovation Network, actors from the 5G environment, the ICT and user industries can exchange information in a trusting and targeted manner. With innovative event formats, such as Rocket Sessions, and annual 5G conferences, 5G.NRW invites you to jointly discuss and further develop future issues around the 5th mobile radio standard.

Competence Center 5G.NRW

Rainer-Gruenter-Str. 21
42119 Wuppertal, Germany

Monika Gatzke

Head of Department Tel.: +49 202 439 1055

German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as the national cyber security authority shapes information security in digitisation through prevention, detection and reaction for government, business and society.

In the BSI, all topics of cyber security are combined: from the protection of government networks and critical infrastructures through cryptography, certification and standardisation, advice of the Federal Government, federal states, business and citizens to the design of digitalisation in highly complex projects such as energy transformation and autonomous driving. This bundling and networking of cyber security expertise in an authority gives the BSI its unique impact in Germany.

German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Godesberger Allee 185-189
53175 Bonn, Germany

Arne Schönbohm

President Tel.: +49 228 99 9582-0

GNS-Electronics GmbH

Innovator, developer and manufacturer of GPS, GNSS

(GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU) and real time traffic information solutions for road, maritime and avionics.

GNS Electronics GmbH founded 2016 in Wuerselen, Germany, is a leading developer of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions for the B2B market. GNS hardware modules and software interfaces offer developer and OEMs an easy and reliable way to integrate real time traffic information technologies like TMC, ADS-B or AIS into their products or applications.

High quality products and our excellent technical support are the corner stones of our success.

GNS Electronics GmbH entered numerous partnerships with renowned companies:

• Apple MFI partner

• MediaTek partner

• SONY partner

• Official TI design house

Important technologies and solutions developed by GNS are protected by trademarks and patents.

GNS-Electronics GmbH

Adenauerstr. 18
52146 Wuerselen, Germany

Bernd Bierwisch

Managing Director Tel.: +49 2405 41420

Stefan Langguth

Head of Sales and Marketing Tel.: +49 171 7581262

innoviva UG

innoviva is developing the technology to help thousands of people to manage their health with simple and smart breath testers for professional and personal healthcare purposes.

As a spin off of the materials science department of the university and the ENT clinic of Düsseldorf, we combine more than 20 years of experience in developing gas sensors and systems for the medical and healthcare market.

Our mission is to develop a multi-diagnostic breath tester for medical purposes and preventive personalized medicine.

To reach that goal we will go to market with our first mask-free professional performance diagnostic breath tester lactolevel for athletes and coaches.

innoviva – Healthier. Breath by breath.

innoviva UG

Helmholtzstr. 53
40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

Christiane Schüle

CEO Tel.: +49 157 92364292

Lena Ehrenpreis

CTO Tel.: +49 157 92364291

irisnet uG

Our company Irisnet is a new startup focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile services. We are developing AI based image and video processing products with the following main areas of expertise: gesture recognition (e.g. for sign language processing), youth protection (e.g. for real time social service profile checks) and face recognition (e.g. for real time personal privacy in videos and GDPR compliance). We are proud to present the fastest AI based video processing service in the world, with up to 60 frames per second in a HD video on one standard graphics card! This will allow 5G operators to develop a new level of customer services, even in a live environment.

irisnet uG

Niederkasseler Lohweg 175
40547 Düsseldorf, Germany

Dr. Walter Benzing

Chief Operating Officer irisnet uG Tel.: +49 173 3417070

Till Brauckmann

Head of Sales Tel.: +49 162 108 37 46

Dieter Plassmann

CTO ITX Ventures Tel.: +49 177 4420883

Theodor Niehues

CEO ITX Ventures Tel.: +49 172 2647776

Metropole Ruhr

Ruhr Metropolis

The Ruhr Metropolis has more than 5 million residents which makes it the biggest conurbation in Germany and can only be exceeded in Europe by Paris and London. Due to its central location, more than 60 m people are connected within a 3 hours drive. The excellent infrastructure with three international airports, Europe's biggest inner harbour and a dense road and railway network also make this region attractive for the more than 160,000 companies which are settled here. The region is established as a center of knowledge with 22 universities and Germany’s center of competence for IT-Security.

Metropole Ruhr

Kronprinzenstr. 35
45128 Essen, Germany

Frank Speer

HUB-Manager | Internationalisation Tel.: +49 177 6562363

N.A.T. GmbH

With 30 years of experience N.A.T. is the expert in high performance connectivity products for data and (tele-) communication solutions “Made in Germany”. The product portfolio is dedicated to embedded markets such as medical, energy, communication, defense& aerospace, industrial controls, automation, transportation, test & measurement and research.

Covering all standard form factors N.A.T. has also been at the forefront of AdvancedTCA, MicroTCAand AMC technologies. Resulting from highly motivated engagement in these new technologies as well as profound expertise N.A.T. became one of today’s leading edge suppliers for board and system level products based on AMC, MicroTCAand VPX.

N.A.T.'s embedded platforms are complemented by sophisticated protocol stack solutions such as LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, ISDN, SS/, ATM or TCP/IP adapted to common real time operating systems to build an optimal solution. The turn-key systems incorporate multi-core processing, FPGA and DSP capabilities as well as multi-port line interfaces, still leaving space for custom hardware and software extensions.

N.A.T. GmbH

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 9
53227 Bonn, Germany

Heiko Körte

Director Sales & Marketing Tel.: +49 228 965 864 0

Terry Manus

Business Development Manager Tel.: +49 228 965 864 0

Willi Rehmann

Business Development - Wireless Products Tel.: +49 228 965 864 0

NRW.International GmbH

NRW.International – Partner for worldwide business

NRW.International coordinates the promotion of foreign trade in North Rhine-Westphalia. In particular, it supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of important growth markets worldwide.

In close coordination with its partners NRW.International provides a variety of measures tailored to the companies' needs: It is responsible for the organisation of joint trade fair presentations abroad as well as the coordination and support of international trade delegations from North Rhine-Westphalia to foreign countries – always enriched by an extensive specialized program, featuring brokerage events and symposia, for example. As member of the worldwide Enterprise Europe Network project NRW.International also organises B2B activities between visiting and regional companies.

NRW.International coordinates these activities between intermediary organizations and the government of North Rhine-Westphalia in order to provide excellent services and political backing by the regional representatives to the business community.

NRW.International GmbH

Völklinger Str. 4
40219 Düsseldorf, Germany

Heike Sopha

Project Manager International Trade Fairs Tel.: +49 211 710671-16

Miriam Bargheer

Head of Communications and Public Relations Tel.: +49 211 710671-17


NRW.INVEST - Economic development agency

The state-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST conducts international marketing for Germany's No. 1 investment location, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). In doing so, it campaigns worldwide for foreign direct investments for NRW. Besides subsidiaries in Japan and the USA, NRW.INVEST operates branch offices in China, India, Israel, Korea, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. With its international representations and the head office in Düsseldorf NRW.INVEST supports companies with investment projects or business locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Today there are already more than 20,000 foreign firms based in Germany's economically most important federal state.


Völklinger Str. 4
40219 Düsseldorf, Germany

Charlotte Reinfrank

Project Manager Tel.: +49 211 13000 124

Open-Xchange AG

Since 2005, Open-Xchange has partnered with many of the largest providers in the world to deliver email and productivity solutions that include secure storage, file and document management, and best-in-class IMAP and DNS management. Deployed by the most innovative businesses worldwide, the OX flagship product – OX App Suite – gives people the freedom to work in ways that make them more productive and secure. Software developed by Open-Xchange is used by 240 million people worldwide.

Open-Xchange AG

Hohenzollernring 72
50672 Köln, Germany

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

In the next few years, more and more things of daily life will be networked via mobile radio. Within the world of Internet-of-Things (IoT), devices from both the consumer and industrial sectors will communicate via 4G, 5G, WLAN or Bluetooth. In the automotive sector, vehicles and road users will exchange information in a cooperative manner within the framework of Connected Car and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X).

S.E.A. Datentechnik is your partner for:

• Drive Test Systems for the verification of cell coverage and area measurement of the mobile network infrastructure 2G/3G/4G/5G as well as WIFI and Bluetooth

• Signal analysis and test systems for validation of V2X communication based on 802.11p or LTE-V

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

Mülheimer Str. 7
53840 Troisdorf, Germany

Axel Meinen

Technical Sales Tel.: +49 2241 12737 0

Wolfram Koerver

CEO Tel.: +49 2241 12737 0

Stefan Schönig

Development Tel.: +49 2241 12737 0

Spyke Media GmbH

Spyke Media is the reliable partner for mobile performance marketing. Since 2013, Spyke Media helps advertisers and publishers achieve measurable results that add value to their overall goals. The company offers excellent performance when promoting mobile apps or sites, choosing custom paths to match the client’s profile.

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and built with the strong expertise of mobile industry veterans, Spyke Media today is an international specialist with a global track record and an expanding unit in Manila, Philippines.

Spyke Media’s focus on performance is uncompromising. The team continuously develops new alliances and smart products. A pioneer in the field, Spyke Media combined Apple Search Ads with a ROI-focused performance approach. Spyke also features a performance-based Chatbot Marketing product.

From media buying to campaign conception, from real-time reporting and optimization to fraud protection, Spyke Media is dedicated to the success of its partners and full transparency.

Spyke Media – your partner for Mobile Marketing.

Spyke Media GmbH

Friesenplatz 4 c/o WeWork
50672 Köln, Germany

Frank Maschmeier

Managing Director Tel.: +49 172 1444874

XignSys GmbH

XignSys is an IT Security Company revolutionizing authentication. The technology solution XignIn enables passwordless authentication through the users’ smartphone as their digital identity without any additional hardware. The technology has been implemented by well-known companies from the private sector such as VW and more and more public sector entities alike. For the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) the company is currently implementing the so-called “Smartphone Buerger-ID” (smart phone citizen ID). The project will enable all 18 million citizens of NRW to securely use e-government and smart city applications. Due to the significance of the outcome NRW sponsors the project with 3.9m Euros.

The solution differs from other competitors in terms of security and user-friendliness. Usually authentication solutions are either secure or user-friendly, but not both. In order to ensure a high level of security and trust when handling personal data, the XignIn technology is based on strong encryption, asymmetric cryptography and user-friendly multi-factor authentication.

XignSys GmbH

Bochumerstr. 139
45886 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Alexander Stöhr

VP of Operations Tel.: +49 209 883 044 45

Carsten Becker

CFO Tel.: +49 209 883 044 32

Markus Hertlein

CEO & Co-Founder Tel.: +49 209 883 044 84

Fabian Rüsing

Head of Sales Tel.: +49 151 503 289 55

@-yet GmbH

No mobile business without mobile security!

No digitalization without it-security!

No cyber business without it-security!

Security from the APP via smartphone/tablet to the backend or cloud is @-yet's mission!

Founded in 2002, the @-yet GmbH is acting as an independent consulting company in the business segments IT risk management and IT security and is very much specialized in mobile and cloud security.

The @-yet portfolio offers comprehensive end2end security assessments and audits including: penetration testing, code reviews, in depth IT-security-architecture reviews, IT forensic and general consulting with focus on making mobile business solutions more secure. @-yet's methodologies support security needs for almost all business areas and cover technical and organizational aspects.

@-yet helps making safe and secure all kind of cyber business and digitilization.

And if all security tools failed @-yet also supports in it-forensics.

@-yet GmbH

Schloss Eicherhof
42799 Leichlingen, Germany

Wolfgang Straßer

Managing Director Tel.: +49 2175 16550

zafaco GmbH

zafaco GmbH is as a comprehensive, independent and neutral service provider in the areas of benchmarking, business service management and business intelligence.

The broadband measurement applications ( was developed by zafaco GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Network Agency and has been operating since 2015 to record and evaluate the performance of stationary or mobile Internet access services.

Together with our partner alladin-IT GmbH, zafaco GmbH has been awarded the contract for the BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) Reference Measurement System.

The system ( enables to monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of Internet Access Services (IAS) as well as aspects of traffic management (net-neutrality) and serves as a reference for regulatory authorities. This decision is another important milestone in the harmonisation and standardisation of broadband testing in Europe.

zafaco GmbH

Gottfried-Hagen-Str. 44
51105 Köln, Germany

Christoph Sudhues

Founder and Managing Director Tel.: +49 89 820308 200