Startup Lisbon – NRW

Business Mission for Startups from the High-tech and IT sector from the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia

November 3 – 7, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

Located in the heart of Europe, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the most populous state of Germany with 17.9 million inhabitants. Roughly 160 million people live within a radius of 500 kilo meters around Düsseldorf, the state capital. With a GDP totaling 785 billion USD (2017) North Rhine-Westphalia exceeds the economic performance of countries like Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or Poland.

NRW has one of the most dynamic startup scenes in Germany . Many startups from the ICT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cleantech and energy sectors are among the best and most innovative companies in the world. NRW offers a perfect combination of highly efficient and creative startups on the one hand, and a strong industrial base with well-established corporates on the other hand, being
possible customers, partners or investors for startups.

70 universities in NRW ensure that many excellent skilled employees are available. Currently there are more than 768,000 students in NRW. In addition more than 60 technology centers and incubators are helping to build bridges to universities, serve as incubators for young startups and thus ensure the optimal development and implementation of new ideas.

NRW has a broad network of 16 chambers of industry and commerce that advise startups during their business formation phase. In cooperation with NRW.International, the state’s agency in charge of the export promotion, the chambers support enterprises also in doing international business.

This delegation of German startups visiting the Web Summit in Lisbon gives an insight into the wide variety and high quality of the startup scene in NRW.


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Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung

Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung

Viktoriastr. 10
44787 Bochum, Germany

Gregor Tischbierek

Startup ConsultantStartup Community Management & Internationalization Tel.: +49 234 61063-174

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dortmund

The IHK zu Dortmund is a part of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry network and understands itself as an organization of businesses for businesses. By providing competent, relevant advice in all questions in the fields of business and education, it constantly aims at supporting its 55,000 member companies in all business related inquiries and over decades it has turned into a reliable partner when it comes to furthering commercial undertakings of all kinds.

The IHK zu Dortmund understands itself as the “voice of business” and is located in the heart of the dynamic Ruhr region, an economic conurbation with some 1.2 million inhabitants. The IHK’s international department offers various valuable services supporting its member companies to identify new business contacts abroad as well as to carry out the export and import orders with view to customs matters and current global trade regulations.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dortmund

Märkische Str. 120
44141 Dortmund, Germany

Dominik Stute

Head of Unit Foreign Market Development Tel.: +49 231 5417-315

EIE Services GmbH

Remetal is a genuinely digital, full-service solution for scrap metal recycling with a solid business model and enthusiastic customers on both sides of the marketplace.

Our Purpose:

We transform society by discovering the untapped urban mines.

Truly passionate about sustainable sourcing, we mobilize billions of miners to bring tons of raw materials to the surface.

Ultimately, Remetal’s superior business intelligence coordinates the perfect swarm of ReVans, ReCycles and ReTrucks and moves the constant stream of pre-sorted raw materials from urban micro-mines directly to the best smelting site - aggregating and blending the product to the customers’ specs on the move.

EIE Services GmbH

Kaistr. 11
40221 Düsseldorf, Germany

Florian Kriependorf

CEO Tel.: +49 170 8591350

ForkOn GmbH

ForkOn is the first OEM-independent, fully cloud-based and user-friendly fleet management solution, that saves up to 20% of yearly forklift fleet costs. We achieve those savings by focusing on the total cost of ownership of forklift fleets and related intralogistics assets.

By combining operative and financial aspects of our customer's business, we empower users to decrease costs, boost fleet utilization, streamline processes and raise overall productivity.

ForkOn GmbH

Maximilian-Kolbe-Str. 19
45721 Haltern am See, Germany

Dennis Röhner

Co-Founder & CTO Tel.: +49 173 7410946

Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie IME

Business Summary

We are able to produce salads and herbs in industrial scale from other regions in our demand center, regardless of season, climate and location. Priority is given to resource-efficient use of water and fertilizers.


With the proven conveyor belt technology and the compatibility of scaling with automation of sowing and harvesting, we can significantly reduce investment costs compared to indoor farming companies.


The ORBIPLANT-technology is patented by the Fraunhofer-Organization. I want to establish ORBIPLANT on the market within the framework of a spin-off and use it worldwide.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie IME

Forckenbeckstr. 6
52074 Aachen, Germany

Christian Genenger

CEO Tel.: +49 162 7241828

Imprintec GmbH

Imprintec produces unique and patented testing equipment for manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries. Customers save time and costs in quality assurance of their products. Additionally, the testing equipment is easy-to-use, fast and can be implemented in production processes.

Imprintec GmbH

Universitätsstr. 142
44799 Bochum, Germany

Dr. Benjamin Schmaling

CEO Tel.: +49 234 97041400

Initiativkreis Ruhr

Initiativkreis Ruhr is one of the largest economic alliances in Germany with a strong strategic partnership of more than 70 leading companies and institutions like large corporates, banks, universities, sport clubs and clinics. The aim of Initiativkreis Ruhr is to support and promote the professional development of the Ruhr Area in three areas: economic, culture and education.

Initiativkreis Ruhr

Brunnenstr. 8
45128 Essen, Germany

Dr. Britta Dombrowe

Programme Lead Startup Activities Tel.: +49 201 8966-663

XignSys GmbH

XignSys GmbH is an IT security startup that revolutionizes authentication. With the XignIn solution, users' smartphones become digital identities, enabling simple and secure authentication without passwords or additional hardware. Currently, 25 employees work alongside the 2 co-founders, financed by angel investments and orders.

The product XignIn is a functional package consisting of an authentication app and encrypted digital infrastructure. The product unifies all authentications, since the solution can be used anywhere and with any trigger (QR, NFC…). Examples are secure multi-factor authentication for financial transactions, or for logging on to websites, PCs and as access control at the factory premises.

XignIn is currently used by the state of NRW and its municipalities. The app provides the digital identity for the citizens and digitizes the tasks of the citizens' office. The adaptive structure enables interoperability between the systems of eGov and Smart City parties.

XignSys GmbH

Bochumer Str. 139
45886 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Alexander Stöhr

Vice President of Operations Tel.: 49 209 88304445