Startup China – NRW

Business Mission for Start-ups from the High-tech and IT sector

24 – 29 March 2019

Shanghai and Shenzen, China


Located in the heart of Europe, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the most populous state of Germany with 17.7 million inhabitants.

Roughly 160 million people live within a radius of 500 kilometers around Düsseldorf, the state capital. With a GDP totaling 785 billion USD (2017) North Rhine-Westphalia exceeds the economic performance of countries like Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or Poland.

NRW has one of the most dynamic start-up scenes in Germany. Many start-ups from the ICT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cleantech and energy sectors are among the best and most innovative companies in the world. NRW offers a perfect combination of highly efficient and creative start-ups on the one hand, and a strong industrial base with well-established corporates on the other hand, being possible customers, partners or investors for start-ups.

70 universities in NRW ensure that many excellent skilled employees are available. Currently there are more than 768,000 students in NRW. In addition more than 60 technology centers and incubators are helping to build bridges to universities, serve as incubators for young start-ups and thus ensure the optimal development and implementation of new ideas.

NRW has a broad network of 16 chambers of industry and commerce that advise start-ups during their business formation phase. In cooperation with NRW.International, the state’s agency in charge of the export promotion, the chambers support enterprises also in doing international business.

This delegation of German start-ups visiting China gives an insight into the wide variety and high quality of the start-up scene in NRW.

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AIXaTECH GmbH, headquartered in Baesweiler, Germany, is technology provider for the light emitting diode (LED) and high power electronics industry (HEMT). AIXaTECH supports thus mega trends like autonomous/electric transportation, enhanced mobility/5G, increased connectivity, efficient lighting, artificial intelligence, and energy efficiency - all markets with a double digit CGAR.

Aluminium nitride (AlN) start layers which are grown with AIXaTECH’s novel low temperature epitaxy process on sapphire and silicon wafers secure customers cost reductions of 30% versus the conventional process chain in the MOCVD reactor. With the prospective extension of the technology towards gallium nitride (GaN) layers the cost reduction for LED and HEMT reaches values of 80 %. A major step towards the necessary price parity of GaN with silicon for the GaN breakthrough in electronics!

AIXaTECH’s technology and production system are internationally patented. Complementary patents are currently filed.


Thomas-Edison-Str. 5-7
52499 Baesweiler, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Volker Sinhoff

Chief Executive Officer CEO Tel.: +49 160 794 75 34

b-interaktive GmbH

About b-interaktive:

We love what we do and we’re translating this passion into our products. The core of our international team consists of talented individuals with decade-long mobile games experience working together in Germany and Poland. We have founded b-interaktive in 2011 and today, our multicultural team speaking over six native languages is an established creator of innovative social f2p mobile games for the broad audiences world wide.

b-interaktive GmbH

Ostkirchstr. 177
44287 Dortmund, Germany

Dipl.-Ing. Eugen Barteska

Managing Director/CEO Tel.: +49 231 58692391

MSc Bartosz Andraczek

Studio Director/CTO Tel.: +49 231 58692392

Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Founded in 1797 the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the oldest and biggest chambers of commerce in Germany. The CCI currently represents the interests of more than 150.000 member companies and takes position on their behalf whenever their interests need to be represented vis-à-vis political or administrative bodies. As a service partner of the companies the CCI supports its members with a diverse range of services. As one of the head chambers for China in Germany Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers consulting, information, training and conferences as well as delegation visits for German companies. The chamber also offers support for Chinese companies who plan to set up a company in the Cologne region.

For startups the CCI Cologne offers a huge range of services as well: from the very first idea of your business to advice on funding or questions of location and growth. Your startup matters are our business!

Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Unter Sachsenhausen 10-26
50667 Köln, Germany

Mathias Haerchen

Head of Business Support Tel.: +49 221 1640-1571

Gudrun Grosse

Head of Asia Pacific Desk Tel.: +49 221 1640-1561

Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The IHK zu Dortmund is a part of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry network and understands itself as an organization of businesses for businesses. By providing competent, relevant advice in all questions in the fields of business and education, it constantly aims at supporting its 55,000 member companies in all business related inquiries and over decades it has turned into a reliable partner when it comes to furthering commercial undertakings of all kinds.

The IHK zu Dortmund understands itself as the “voice of business” and is located in the heart of the dynamic Ruhr region, an economic conurbation with some 1.2 million inhabitants. The IHK’s international department offers various valuable services supporting its member companies to identify new business contacts abroad as well as to carry out the export and import orders with view to customs matters and current global trade regulations.

Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Märkische Str. 120
44141 Dortmund, Germany

Dominik Stute

Head of Unit Foreign Market Development Tel.: 0049 231 5417-315

Entwurfreich GmbH

We make it matter. At Entwurfreich, we design physical and digital user experiences for startups which have an impact on the market. The technical clarity and precision of German design forms the basis of our design philosophy. We combine this point of origin with a comprehensive sense of emotional brand management and storytelling. As a globally award-winning innovation- and design consultancy we are able to successfully work with multinational large-scale enterprises, classic mid-sized companies as well as with aspiring start-ups.

Entwurfreich GmbH

Fleher Str. 32
40223 Düsseldorf, Germany

Simon Gorski

CEO / Founder Tel.: 0211-15964350

GoJames GmbH

GoJames provides an online shop for tires and is also a mobile tire service who brings the shop to you. This is the ideal way to save money and time. We strive to provide our customers with a higher quality service and better pricing you would expect from a traditional tire shop, with the convenience of on-site service at your home, work or wherever you are.

GoJames GmbH

Corunnastr. 1
58636 Iserlohn, Germany

Phil-Kevin Sell

CEO Tel.: +49 800 4652637


Large companies often face the problem that they do not have any data collection on their facilities. The lack of data and its evaluation inhibits efficiency and prevents the development of new digital business models. To catch up with current developments of the digital revolution, companies invest millions in developing their own IoT cloud infrastructure. Often, 90% of the time is spent on basic developments that have nothing to do with the actual solution - they lose time and money.

gridX offers finished IoT solutions for different purposes and with software that is suitable for all devices and can easily be adapted to individual demands.

gridX developed an edge gateway, the gridBox, as well as an operating system, the gridOS, to enable energy IoT solutions in the safest and most efficient way.


Nopiusstr. 12
52062 Aachen, Germany

David Balensiefen

Managing Director & Co-Founder Tel.: +49 176 70565929

Andreas Booke

Managing Director & Co-Founder Tel.: +49 151 65217893

Imprintec GmbH - Material Testing Solutions

Imprintec produces unique and patented testing equipment for manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries. Customers save time and costs in quality assurance of their products. Additionally, the testing equipment is easy-to-use, fast and can be implemented in production processes.

Imprintec GmbH - Material Testing Solutions

Universitätsstr. 142
44799 Bochum, Germany

Dr.-Ing Benjamin Schmaling

CEO Tel.: +49 234 97041400

Just Spices GmbH

Just Spices is the leading e-commerce spice company in Europe. As the most innovative provider for spice blends we created a consumer brand that is leading the food rankings on all relevant social media channels.

With Just Spices, we bring back joy to our customers in such an old-fashioned food category. That’s why we travelled the world to discover the best and most authentic spice mixes, of course without any chemical additives or flavor enhancers.

Just Spices GmbH

Schiessstr. 44a
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

Florian Falk

CEO & Founder Tel.: +49 211 97533578


LoyalGo enables an economical setting up and operation of charging stations. By well-visible screens for emobilists and passers-by, we turn the charging station into a digital advertising column for additional revenue. The selection of ads is made by our LoyalGo-algorithm that predicts in which adjacent business a purchase is expected.

For a feedback loop, to improve the conversion rate, we developed a mechanism to track whether the advertising intention was followed or not. To round off to a comprehensive marketing ecosystem for local businesses, our integrated loyalty and voucher system offers further incentives to visit the advertised businesses.

Since our founding in August 2017 we had a lot of traction. We won the ensax Innovators Award 2017, we were working at Volkswagen Future Mobility Incubator and we are supported by StartUP.InnoLab – Ruhrgebiet and by a grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


Sachsenwaldstr. 5
44149 Dortmund, Germany

Sebastian Schramm

CEO Tel.: +49 151 25 26 27 18

MCANISM Technology GmbH

MCANISM is an online performance marketing marketplace. With MCANISM customers, e.g. online shops, can place offers to be promoted via a list of publishers. These placements are featured at the marketplace. If the offer is interesting, the publishers (e.g. voucher pages, comparison portals and bloggers) include the offer on their websites. MCANISM measures the traffic provided by each participating publisher. As soon as one of the forwarded visitors makes a purchase, this transaction is recorded. For this, the publisher receives a performance-based commission. MCANISM takes over the entire processing of the commissions for the online shop as well as the publisher.

MCANISM Technology GmbH

Engerstr. 216
32051 Herford, Germany

Gunnar Militz

Managing Director Tel.: +49 160 5572705


OneFID helps the footwear industry to fully exploit the potential of digitization. OneFID combines both the knowledge of production and sales know-how and is the only company that covers the entire value chain. We are a digital service provider that creates a connection between stationary trade and e-commerce. Using the latest 3D scanning technology and our unique CT scanner, we are able to compare the data of the end customer with scanned shoe interiors and thus provide the customer with automated size recommendations. OneFID acts as a digital assistant for fitting suggestions and represents offline consultants. As a plug-in embedded in e-commerce shops, we offer various (custom) fitting services and reports. In addition to the plug-in, online shops can integrate our white-label scan app, which can be branded and directly linked to the products. Through this multi-channel distribution, we enable companies to establish a presence in e-commerce and to connect it with stationary retail.


Mathias-Brüggen-Str. 4
50827 Köln, Germany

Dr. Timo Marks

CEO Tel.: +49 177 3788273

replex GmbH

replex provides granular analytics, optimization and reporting for the enterprise IT infrastructure stack. The modern enterprise finds itself dealing with an increasingly large infrastructure footprint from hybrid and multi-cloud to traditional data centres and edge computing infrastructure. The infrastructure abstraction wave has introduced new elements into the mix including containerization and orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes.

replex helps IT teams make sense of this sprawl by automating the collection and analysis of critical metrics for the modern infrastructure stack - from physical machines and cloud VMs to containers and Kubernetes. IT teams can then optimize infrastructure in real-time to cut costs and generate granular usage and utilization reports. They can also identify trends and generate long term forecasts about infrastructure usage and requirements.

replex also drives cost transparency for individual applications, teams and clients by co-relating usage and cost metrics across all infrastructure and abstraction layers.

replex GmbH

Erftstr. 9
47051 Duisburg, Germany

Patrick Kirchhoff

CEO / Co-Founder Tel.: +49 172 2549507

Costantino Lattarulo

CTO / Co-Founder Tel.: +49 173 7196507

Sharerado UG

Sharerado is a white label platform for user generated content. Companies can easily built & manage their online communities and design it according to their own corporate identities. Members of their online community are provided with an intuitive user back-end, where they can create their own profiles & upload their own content in form of written articles, events and videos. The content is presented on an online platform with a highly customized layout and a seamless & engaging user experience. Especially for publishing companies Sharerado provides a new way to create new revenue channels, by providing members of their platform with the chance to distribute their content on the publishers‘ existing channels.

Sharerado UG

Kronprinzenstr. 82-84
40217 Düsseldorf, Germany

Lison Weiler

CEO Tel.: +49 173 74 80 636

TriMeXa GmbH

The TriMeXa GmbH runs large web portals focusing on deals, travel & tech. We love big communities, innovative apps and great web ideas. In addition to daily deals, guides and tech reviews, our main business segments include social media marketing, online prize draws and app development. Since the foundation in 2012, we have grown steadily and now count over a dozen websites, million visitors a month and over 70 employees to our company. Our main goal: Work together to make the internet even more exciting!

TriMeXa GmbH

Wiesdorfer Platz 48
51373 Leverkusen, Germany

Kristian Söhl

Co-CEO Tel.: +49 176 70881961

vierfreunde GmbH - KERBHOLZ -


Since they had a few months time between two semesters, Moritz and Matthias decided to pack their backpacks and fly to Mexico. On their journey through Central America, they got to know new countries, new people and a new materials, they thought they had known already: WOOD. They fell in love with the timeless, natural and warm material and they were convinced: The potential of wood for fashion wasn’t nearly at a peak.

Back in Germany they told their friends Adrian and Nils about their extraordinary idea and the first sketches of a KERBHOLZ wooden watch arose. This is how a crazy backpacking-idea became the brand KERBHOLZ – today's market leader for wooden watches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since then

KERBHOLZ proudly implemented an effective multichannel strategy: With a combination of strong e-commerce and online marketing, paired with an excellent network of selected international distributors,

KERBHOLZ today is a fast growing brand in 13 countries.

vierfreunde GmbH - KERBHOLZ -

Wilhelm-Mauser-Str. 14-16
50827 Köln, Germany

Adrian Roepe

CEO Tel.: +49 151 22703284

Matthias Koeppe

CEO Tel.: +49 163 7425240